To the Conversation about…

The sessions “Talking about… “Creativity Olympics: teaching how to think, not what to think!” took place in 13 locations in mainland Portugal and the islands, ending with an exceptionally positive balance: 976 potential creative adults signed up! 

Here we share the presentation used by Prof. Drª Ivete Azevedo and the leaflet, with which you can (re)present… spread the word, participate in this Creative Movement! ( Presentation in PP  and Leaflet A3_OC2014 )

What happened? 

In an informal meeting where the theme is  each person, each professional, each educational institution, each student … let’s talk, think together, … be more creative!

This is the challenge for all educators, whether they are in formal education (eg schools) or non-formal (eg youth houses, youth associations), so that the beginning of a new school year is indeed NEW!

In September and October, the  Torrance Center  and the  Youth in Action Program , in a town near you, will ask questions and promote the search for solutions: Am I creative? Is it possible to be more creative? How important is creativity in my personal life? And professionally, how to use it? Creatively Solving Problems: How?
And by the way, if you have a creative idea, how do you finance it? Who to turn to and how to overcome bureaucracy?


Taking into account the importance of the transversal skills associated with this project, but on the other hand the not always awareness of how to develop them, it is intended at this stage

  • – to listen to those responsible for formal and non-formal education institutions
  • – to inform adult educators ( teachers, guardians, monitors) some ways of preparing young people in these skills
  • – making the educational community aware of the relevance of creative problem solving in the formal and non-formal educational context, and its transposition into personal daily life

Target Audience

Directors of Educational Institutions or whoever represents them

Educators motivated to become Mentors, Co-Mentors or Evaluators (e.g. teachers, youth monitors, psychologists, guardians)

Adults motivated to participate as Competitors in the Adult Tier

General information

Detailed program
Responsible entities: Torrance Center & Youth in Action Program Training schedule
: 9:30h to 12:30h; 14:00h to 17:30h (Reception and secretariat: 9:00h to 9:30h)
Participation is free of charge but subject to registration (form below)
Each meeting depends on the registration of a minimum number of 15 participants (Continent) and 40 (Islands)

places and dates

Braga – September 11, 2013 (Lúcio Craveiro da Silva Library Auditorium; Rua de São Paulo, 1 – Ctividade)

Chaves – September 18, 2013 (Cultural Center Auditorium of Chaves; Largo da Estação)

Coimbra – September 20, 2013 (Auditorium of the Municipal House of Culture; R. Pedro Monteiro)

Évora – September 24, 2013 (Noble Hall of Évora City Council; Paços do Município Building)

Faro – 23 September 2013 (Auditorium of the Municipal Museum of Faro; Praça D. Afonso III)

Funchal (Madeira) – 27 September 2013 (Assembly Room in the CM of Funchal; Praça do Município)

Lisbon – 2 October 2013 (Auditorium of the Dom Dinis School Group, Rua Manuel Teixeira Gomes, 1, Marvila)

Oleiros (Castelo Branco) – September 21, 2013 (Municipal Library Auditorium; Praça da Republica)

Porto – September 12, 2013 (Almeida Garrett Municipal Library Auditorium; Crystal Palace Gardens)

Ponta Delgada (Azores) – October 4, 2013 (Roberto Ivens School Auditorium; Rua do Mercado, nº 5)

Setúbal – September 25, 2013 (Auditorium/Cinema Charlot; Rua António Manuel Gamito)

Viana do Castelo – 16 September 2013 (Municipal Library of VC ; Alameda 5 de Outubro)

Viseu – September 19, 2013 (Escola Secundária Alves Martins; Avenida Infante D. Henrique, S/N)