Why get involved in the Creativity Olympics as a Coordinator, Mentor and/or Evaluator?

For himself and for himself; for young people and for them!

For you and for you – This is a program that prepares participants to face problems, using a structured method, involving creative thinking in parallel with critical and analytical thinking. To properly perform the Mentor functions, you will participate in training and share experiences, in order to develop these skills in yourself. Therefore, the personal gains are unquestionable… unless you never have “problems” to solve!

For young people and for them – As a Creative adult you can make a positive difference in the lives of the young people you work with, helping to form a capable, competent generation equipped with the tools to face the future. The main reason for this statement is the fact that the same skills that you will need to succeed personally and professionally are important factors for a good performance in this competition: teamwork, creative, critical and analytical thinking, knowledge management , clarity and rigor in communication, civic responsibility, learning through sharing, all of this in a philosophy of healthy competition.