What are the requirements to be able to participate in the CreAtivity Olympics, at the Adult level (OCA)?

– Age : from 19 to 199

– Degree of education and academic training:

Adults with any degree or academic background can participate.

Just enjoy learning and delving deeper into futuristic global topics, while training your skills to creatively solve problems…

– Alone or in a team, what matters is to want to be more and more Creative!

Teams can have up to 4 elements.

Regardless of the number of team members, there is one who takes on the role of Mentor.

The course “ Create with Activity ” can be attended by any of the team members.

– Proficiency in the English language:

All teams will be accompanied by international Experts  through the  feedback of each race submitted.

This means that at least one of the members of the Adult Competitors team will have to master the English language, in order to submit the tests and interpret the feedbacks .

What will you be challenged to do?

The activities proposed in this competition appeal to creative problem solving ( Creative Problem Solving ) and personal responsibility for the collective future (futuristic thinking). In other words, they appeal to creative problem solving with a future perspective, hence the name of the Future Problem Solving Program .

Here the word “problem” means “initial challenge”, that is, teams are challenged to analyze a situation, show that they are capable of identifying exactly what the problem is, proposing solutions, creating decision criteria and drawing up an action plan that explain how you would resolve the situation.

Creative, critical and analytical thinking, management of acquired knowledge, clarity and rigor of communication and civic responsibility are important factors for a good performance in this competition.

Through this program you will be able to prepare yourself, through play, to positively face the challenges that life will bring you. You will create routines of thought and action (internalization of the methodology) that will give you confidence to face the challenges/problems of your personal and professional daily life.

This program is an incubator of personal skills for all who aspire to be  problem solvers  and not problem makers .